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Multilayer PCB board factory: method to strengthen anti-interference ability


Published by: April 14,2020

To get the best performance from electronic circuits, electronic component boards are the support for circuit components and devices in electronics. Even if the schematic design of the circuit is correct and the printed circuit board is not properly designed, it will adversely affect the reliability of the electronic product. When designing a printed circuit board, attention should be paid to adopting the correct method and complying with the general principles of PCB design.

When the PCB component is laid out on the electronic components of the circuit, it must meet the requirements of anti-interference design:

1. Arrange the position of each functional circuit unit according to the flow of the circuit, so that the layout facilitates signal circulation and keeps the signal as consistent as possible.


2. For circuits operating at high frequencies, the distribution parameters between components should be considered. In general, the circuit should be arranged in parallel as much as possible. In this way, it is not only beautiful, but also easy to weld and easy to mass produce.


3. Center around the core components of each functional circuit and arrange it around it. Components should be arranged evenly, neatly and compactly on the pcb multilayer board. Minimize and shorten leads and connections between components.


4. The electronic components located at the edge of the circuit board are generally not less than 2 mm from the edge of the circuit board. The optimal shape of the board is rectangular. The length and width are 3:2 or 4:3. When the board surface size is larger than 200×150mm, the mechanical strength of the pcb board should be considered.

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