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The specific differences between PCB and FPC
Published by: Keyou August 21,2019
1. The PCB circuit board, the so-called printed circuit board (printed circuit board), usually called rigid board. It is a support in electronic components and is an important electronic componen...
Discussion On The Design Of FPC Impedance Board
Published by: Keyou August 19,2019
As a product that can effectively block AC power, FPC impedance board chooses a high-quality FPC impedance board manufacturer to cooperate to ensure the quality requirements of FPC products, thereby i...
 Difficulties in multilayer PCB proofing
Published by: Keyou August 16,2019
1. Difficulties in alignment between pcb layers Due to the large number of layers in the multilayer pcb, the user has higher and higher requirements for calibration of the PCB layer. Typically, the...
SMT Processing / Patch Processing Basic Process Elements
Published by: Keyou August 12,2019
The basic process elements of smt processing / patch processing: Silk Screen (or Dispensing) --> Mounting --> (Curing) --> Reflow Soldering --> Cleaning --> Testing --> Rework ...
Specifications for the manufacture of aluminum base pcb
Published by: Keyou August 08,2019
The aluminum boards produced by PCB manufacturers are mostly used for LED lamps. What are the specifications for the production of aluminum base board in the production process? Aluminum boards...
Analysis of copper plating in PCB
Published by: Keyou August 06,2019
First, the reason for PCB copper plating: 1.EMC, for a large area of ​​ground or power copper, will play a shielding role, some special, such as PGND to protect. 2.PCB process requirements, ge...