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Discussion On The Design Of FPC Impedance Board


Published by: April 14,2020

As a product that can effectively block AC power, FPC impedance board chooses a high-quality FPC impedance board manufacturer to cooperate to ensure the quality requirements of FPC products, thereby increasing customers' trust in their own products. So what is the role of the FPC impedance board in design?

1. When an electronic device (computer, communication machine) is operated, the signal from the driver (Driver) will reach the receiving component (Receiver) through the FPC transmission line. When the signal is transmitted in the signal line of the printed board, its characteristic impedance value Z0 must match the "electronic impedance" of the head and tail components, and the "energy" in the signal will be fully transmitted.


2. In the event of poor quality of the printed board, if the Z0 is out of tolerance, the transmitted signal will have problems such as reflection, dissipation, attenuation or delay. In severe cases, the signal will be misrouted. Crash.


3. Strict selection of plates and control of the production process, Z0 on the multi-layer board can meet the specifications required by customers. The higher the electronic impedance of the component, the faster the transmission speed will be, and the Z0 of the FPC will also increase to meet the requirements of the matching component. The Z0 qualified FPC multi-layer board is considered to be a qualified product required for high-speed or high-frequency signals.

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