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What are the factors that affect the pcb board price


Published by: Keyou June 20,2019

When we design a project, we care more about the layout and wiring, etc., and often ignore the additional PCB manufacturing cost in the design. What factors in the design affect the price of PCB to avoid increasing costs for customers


          pcb board price


Number of wiring layers. The number of floors is good for wiring, but the price increases linearly with the number of floors. The higher the number of floors, the price doubles.

Through hole. As far as possible, use 0.25mm above, less than 0.25mm most manufacturers will charge.

Pan hole plug hole. Usually the manufacturers have to increase their expenses. Try not to use them unless the signal and layout, encapsulation restrictions.

Back drilling. Back plate and other high-speed signal, do not use other.

Line width line spacing. Usually less than 3.5mil, manufacturers will charge more.

Plate (high tg halogen free high frequency = unconventional plate) increases procurement cycle and production cost. Some high frequency plates can be mixed with ordinary plates to reduce costs.

HDI and blind embedding, the cost increases a large proportion, if the package allows the best do not use. (bga package of 0.65 and above can be fan-out through hole, part of the 0.5bga package can be fan-out through hole, mainly depending on the sealing and welding pad and available pin)

The surface technology (gold, tin, silver and gold finger =) will increase the relevant cost, which is mainly decided by the customer and can be explained to the customer at the time of design.