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Advantages and USES of flexible printed circuit boards


Published by: April 14,2020
  • flexible printed circuit boards address the minimal design/packaging issues in electronics. Here are the unique advantages in these areas:

                      flexible printed circuit boards

    1) Replace the multilayer rigid board and connector with a flexible printed circuit boards or hard and soft circuit.

    2) Replace the rigid board/band cable equipment.

    3) Control electromagnetic interference with a solid or patterned protective layer.

    4) Control the impedance with a complete ground plane.

    5) Provide electrical connections through the air gap for too narrow wiring areas.

    6) For the circuit using the conductive rubber key base, the design of the conductive external body is adopted.

    7) Combine the heater, temperature sensor or wire-propagator coil into the flexible printed circuit.

    8) Use a flexible printed circuit boards as a jumper between rigid boards.

    9) Specify the pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive to bond the circuit to the case or fence.

    Based on all these advantages, flexible printed circuit boards  have been used in a number of critical areas, such as military and aerospace, medical, and commercial applications.

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