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Advantages of PCB circuit board chemical deburring process


Published by: KEYOU PCB January 22,2024

1. Improve the surface finish of PCB circuit board products

The use of this process to treat burrs can also improve the surface finish of the workpiece board to achieve a polishing effect. When the workpiece is processed in various ways, the plane has a roughness to a different extent. When the process is processed, the index can be well reduced because the process can selectively react vertically to the product. Let the unevenness and the plane gradually approach the plane.

2.Efficient and time-saving

Compared with the traditional process, the process has been greatly improved in processing time. Deburring with this process usually takes only a few minutes, and the shortest product takes only tens of seconds. More specifically, it depends on the material of the product, the size of the burr and the processing requirements of the customer. Another manifestation of efficient and time-saving is that the process can be used in a wide range of applications. Due to the high reproducibility and reliability of the product, the processed products are highly consistent in terms of precision and color size, especially in terms of dimensional control. These all provide a guarantee for a wide range of industrial applications.

3.Enhance the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion ability of the product

The process can better integrate the anti-rust layer and the circuit board to better protect the workpiece. For this process, customers have done salt spray tests and found that products treated with this process can greatly extend their salt spray test time.

4.Safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, easy to operate

This process is used for deburring treatment, which is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. The main surface of safety is in two aspects. First, product safety mainly means that the processed product has high quality assurance, and the mechanical properties and physicochemical properties of the product will not be changed due to the process. In addition, it includes the safety features of the product itself, which has MSDS safety certification. Second, operation and personnel safety. The process does not require special technical personnel to operate, the operator only needs simple training, can be employed, and in operation, only pay attention to the general chemical test, agent operation safety. When it comes to environmental protection, the product is ROHS certified, which is an important guarantee for its long-term application in Bosch.

5. A wide range of applications

Whether a product can adopt this process depends mainly on the material and processing requirements of the PCB circuit board product, and is not affected by its processing mode, geometry, and so on. Its PCB materials are mainly iron, copper, aluminum and its alloy materials. So far, its successful application of circuit board materials has reached more than 200 kinds, and its application fields are more extensive, especially in various machining and machinery, electronics. In the manufacturing field, the application is more special.

6.Improve the plating effect and phosphating amount of the product to prevent hydrogen embrittlement

Since the product can generally improve the surface finish of the product, it is beneficial to improve the plating adhesion of the product, thereby improving the plating effect. In addition, the process can prevent hydrogen embrittlement because the process does not form a closed space, which is advantageous for preventing acid substances from being trapped inside the workpiece during plating, thereby preventing hydrogen from entering the internal material of the workpiece to cause hydrogen embrittlement.



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