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Several considerations for PCB soldering


Published by: March 24,2021
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  • In PCBA processing plants, board soldering generally includes reflow soldering, wave soldering and soldering iron soldering. Reflow soldering and wave soldering are automated soldering, which is less affected by human factors. Soldering iron soldering is manual soldering, which is influenced by human factors. Large, the following mainly introduces several precautions for manual soldering of the board with an electric soldering iron.


                        Several considerations for PCB soldering


    1. Choose the right soldering temperature

    Soldering iron soldering temperature is too high or too low, it is easy to cause poor soldering

    2, the welding components follow the principle of small to large

    Welding components must be welded first and then welded.

    3, pay attention to polarity reversal

    Like some capacitors, resistors, diodes, and triodes, they have a polar orientation and should be reversed during soldering.

    4, tin is not easy to be too much

    When soldering, make sure that there are tin around the solder joint to prevent solder joints, but the more tin is the better, the tin layer of the solder joint is the best.

    When the circuit board is welded, pay attention to ventilation. You can choose to equip with an exhaust fan to prevent the gas generated during welding from inhaling into the human body and causing harm to the human body.

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