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Flexible Printed Circuit


Published by: Keyou September 30,2019

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bending property.


                                  Flexible Printed Circuit


The process requirements of Flexible Printed Circuit surface SMT are much different from those of traditional hard-board PCB SMT solutions. To do a good job of FPC's SMT process, the most important thing is to locate. Because the hardness of the FPC board is not enough, it is soft. If the special carrier board is not used, the fixing and transmission cannot be completed, and the basic SMT process such as printing, patching, and furnace can not be completed.


                             Flexible Printed Circuit


In the future, Flexible Printed Circuit will continue to innovate in four aspects, mainly in:
1, thickness. The thickness of the FPC must be more flexible and must be thinner;
2, folding resistance. Bending can be an inherent feature of Flexible Printed Circuit. The future FPC must have a stronger folding resistance, which must exceed 10,000 times. Of course, this requires a better substrate.
3. Price. At this stage, the price of FPC is much higher than that of PCB. If the price of FPC comes down, the market will certainly be much broader.
4. Process level. In order to meet various requirements, the Flexible Printed Circuit process must be upgraded, and the minimum aperture, minimum line width/line spacing must meet higher requirements.

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