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Factors of PCB cost


Published by: April 14,2020
  • PCB cost
    PCB cost calculation is the most special and complicated in all industries. Firstly, it must be from the material cutting, pressing plate, circuit, ... to forming, FQC, packaging, and finished storage. , labor costs, manufacturing costs, etc. are calculated step by step, and then the PCB cost is accumulated in batches according to the order product number.
    And for different types of products, the standard rate of the process will be different. For some products such as immersion gold plate, thick copper plate, high frequency plate, blind buried plate, due to the special nature of the process or all materials, it is required to adopt some special calculation methods. Similarly, the size of the drill used in the drilling process will also affect the cost of the product, which directly affects the calculation and evaluation of WIP costs and scrap costs. In this pcb board manufacturers have compiled a PCB price factor, here to share with you, for reference only.
                            PCB cost
    1. The materials used in PCBs are different in price.
    2, different customer requirements will also cause different prices.
    3. The price diversity caused by the difficulty of the PCB itself.
    4. The diversity of production processes used by PCBs results in price diversification.
    5. The price diversity caused by different PCB manufacturers.
    6. The price difference caused by different payment methods.
                             PCB cost
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