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Requirements for PCB multilayer board


Published by: April 14,2020

(1) The power plat should be close to the ground plat, tightly coupled to the ground horizon, and placed below the ground horizon.

(2) The signal layer should be adjacent to the inner layer and should not be directly adjacent to other signal layers.

(3) Isolate the digital circuit from the analog circuit. If the conditions permit, the analog signal line and the digital signal line are layered and shielded; if it needs to be arranged in the same signal layer, the isolation band and the ground line are needed to reduce the interference; the analog circuit and the digital circuit power supply and the ground should be isolated from each other and cannot be mixed.

(4) The high-frequency circuit has large external interference, and it is better to arrange it separately, and use the intermediate signal layer directly adjacent to the internal electric layer to transmit, so as to reduce the external interference by using the copper film of the inner electric layer.

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