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Design for Fabrication of the PCB


Published by: April 09,2022

Design for Fabrication of the PCB (DFP) refers to the manufacturing capabilities of the SMT processing plant that takes into account the design of the PCB in the later stages of PCB design.

With the rapid development of the PCB manufacturing industry, more and more engineers and technicians have joined the PCB design and manufacturing, but because PCB manufacturing involves many fields, and a considerable part of PCB design engineers (Layout personnel) did not engage or participate in the PCB manufacturing process, the design of the process is focused on electrical performance and product features. In the actual pcb manufacturing process, if the post-production process and some technical control standards are not taken into account, it will cause difficulties in the later SMT chip processing, the processing cycle is prolonged or there are hidden dangers of final circuit board finished product due to PCB quality . 

The PCB processability design mainly considers the following common problems.

1 The blanking process mainly considers the problem of plate thickness and surface copper thickness.

2 Drilling process mainly considers the hole size tolerance, hole to plate edge, hole to wire edge, non-metallized hole treatment         and positioning hole design.

3 Printed conductor pattern (line) production mainly considers the influence of line etching.

4 The solder mask manufacturing process mainly considers the solder resist processing method on the via (passage).

5 The character processing mainly considers that characters cannot cover the add of pads and related marks.

6 Selection of PCB surface coating (plating) layer.

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