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Welding precautions for electronic components


Published by: KEYOU PCB November 21,2022

Welding work is essential during the repair process. It not only requires the components to be fixed on the circuit board, but also requires the solder joints to be firm and smooth. Therefore, the quality of the soldering technology directly affects the success of the electronic production, so the soldering technology must be mastered by every electronic production enthusiast. Basic skills, now introduce the main points of welding:


                               circuit board


    1. Welding is preferably rosin, rosin oil or acid-free flux. Do not use acid flux, otherwise the soldering area will be corroded.

    2. Before soldering, the components must be cleaned and tinned. During the storage of electronic components, due to the effect of air oxidation, an oxide film is attached to the pins of the components, and there are other dirt. The knives can be scraped off by oxidation before soldering. Film, and immediately apply a layer of solder (commonly known as bismuth tin), and then solder. After the appeal is processed, the components are easily soldered and the solder joint phenomenon is not easy to occur.

    3. When soldering, the soldering iron should have enough heat to ensure the welding quality, prevent the cold welding and the long-term desoldering.

    4. The time for the soldering iron to stay at the soldering station should not be too long. Baineng Network is a subsidiary of Qinji Group. It is a leading electronic industry service platform in China. It provides components, sensor procurement, PCB customization, BOM distribution, material selection and other electronic industry supply chain solutions. The overall needs of small and medium-sized customers in the industry.

    5. After the soldering iron leaves the soldering station, the soldered parts cannot be moved immediately, otherwise the parts are easily desoldered because the solder has not solidified.

    6, the mating component wiring is best to twist and then tin.

    7. When soldering transistors and other high temperature devices, it is best to use small flat nose pliers or tweezers to clamp the lead pins of the transistor.

    8, the welding of semiconductor components is best to use a thin low temperature welding wire, welding time is short.


                          circuit board


    After welding, it is necessary to check for leaks, solder joints, and short-circuiting of components due to soldering. It is difficult to find the virtual solder. It can be pulled gently by clamping the component pins with tweezers. If it is found to be shaken, it should be repaired immediately.

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