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PCB gerber file


Published by: April 14,2020

Most PCB design engineers are accustomed to designing PCB files directly to the PCB factory for processing. The most popular method in the world is to convert the PCB files into GERBER files and drilling data and then hand them to the PCB factory. The GERBER file is an international one. A standard lithography format file, which includes RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats. RS-274-D is called basic GERBER format, and a D code file is required to fully describe a graphic. The RS-274-X is called the extended GERBER format and itself contains D code information. Commonly used CAD software can generate these two format files. Let's take a look at the PCB making GERBER file.


                  PCB gerber file


The Gerber file generation step

Gerber file is generated by three outputs,
Methods as below:
1, the first output
Under the DXP menu bar, choose File->Fabracation Outputs->Gerber Files.
1.1 Under the layer form, click on Plot Layers and select Used On.
1.2 Select Include unconnected mid-layer pads.
1.3 Click OK to complete the output.

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