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How to make PCB?


Published by: April 14,2020
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     Double sided  PCB  production process is to repair the surrounding dimensions of the board - copy - drilling positioning - glue - corrosion - cleaning - to glue - fine sandpaper polishing - coating pine perfume.
                                        How to make PCB
    1. Firstly polish the surface of the copper plate that meets the size requirements with fine sandpaper, and then copy the wiring pattern to the copper plate with carbon paper.
    2. Drill and position the hole with a 1.0mm drill bit, and then apply glue (or paint).
    3. After the glue is applied, a thick sheet should be placed on the board and pressed with the palm of the hand. The purpose is to make all the glue and the double copper board stick more firmly. If necessary, it can also be heated by the hair dryer. The viscosity of the adhesive can be strengthened. Because the adhesive used is very sticky and the adhesive paper is thin, the adhesive is used to make the board. The effect is better, generally not It must be heat treated.
    4. Corrosion generally uses ferric chloride as the etching solution. The corrosion rate is related to the concentration of the etching solution, the temperature and the jitter during the corrosion process. To ensure the quality of the PCB and improve the corrosion speed, the method of shaking and heating can be adopted.
    5. After the corrosion is completed, rinse with tap water, remove the adhesive tape, and wipe the PCB dry.
    6. Wipe the copper surface of the PCB with a fine abrasive cloth until it is bright, then immediately apply the rosin solution. (When applying the perfume, the PCB should be tilted and then scented with pine perfume to prevent the loose perfume from flowing through the hole to the back).                                                           
    (1) The role of pine perfume is to prevent copper surface oxidation of PCB, flux and increase the brightness of solder joints; rosin solution is prepared by using rosin powder and alcohol or Tianshui water in a certain proportion, the concentration should be moderate, there are It must be sticky.
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