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How to maintain the PCB board to extend the service life?


Published by: March 24,2021


The PCB circuit board is made of an insulating board and cut into a certain size, and at least one conductive pattern is attached thereon, and holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallized holes, etc.) are arranged to replace the electronic device of the prior device. The chassis of the components and the interconnection between the electronic components. Today, PCB boards have evolved from single-layer to double-panel, multi-layer and flexible boards, and are increasingly being developed in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability.


    PCB circuit board maintenance knowledge

    1. Annual maintenance knowledge:

    1. Clean the dust on the pcb circuit board.


                      How to maintain the PCB board to extend the service life?


    2. Sampling the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor in the pcb circuit board. If the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor is less than 20% of the nominal capacity, it should be replaced. Generally, the life of the electrolytic capacitor should be replaced after working for ten years to ensure the pcb line. Board performance.

    3. For high-power devices coated with thermal grease, check whether the thermal grease is not dried. For dry solids, remove the dry heat-dissipating grease and apply new heat-dissipating grease to prevent the circuit board. The high-power devices in the middle are burnt out due to poor heat dissipation.


    2, seasonal maintenance:

    1. Clean the dust on the PCB circuit board every quarter, and clean it with the special cleaning liquid of the circuit board. After the dust is cleaned, blow the circuit board with a hair dryer.

    2. Observe that the electronic components in the circuit have not passed the trace of high temperature, and the electrolytic capacitor has not swelled, and should be replaced if necessary.

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